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Lanchester LA 10 Wheel Cyl Repair Kit

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Lanchester LA 10 Wheel Cyl Repair Kit

Post by JT7196 »

Hi, does anybody happen to know the Part No the Rear Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit for a circa 1934/5 Lanchester LA10 please ?

Cheers Al 😊😊😊

Ps I do have a Lockheed “ Repair Kits” Catalogue 1935 / 1947 but Lanchester is not listed !! 🤬🤬,

Simon Hyslop
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Re: Lanchester LA 10 Wheel Cyl Repair Kit

Post by Simon Hyslop »

Unfortunately, Lockheed's catalogues aren't very helpful but provided the details I'm about to write match the specification of the car in question, which must be a fairly late hydraulically braked 10, the kit should be identifiable.
The bore should be 1 1/4 inches and the piston design is Lockheed no 230 - if you have an illustrated catalogue you'll see the differences but the 230 has no lip on the outside and has the dished inner to take the little actuating rods which fit between the piston and the shoe. That differentiates it From the type 47 and 48 cylinders which are also 1 1/4 inches so the repair kit is KL 71430. Usually what's really required are the cups, ref 231. Please tell the owner not to lose the crown springs in the piston when dismantling. They sit between the internal spring and the back of the cups.

You can see the rubber bits here :

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KL71430-NEW- ... ctupt=true

They are common to a number of Morris products as well as the streamline Rover 14 , nearly all mid/ late 30s Triumphs and the MG SA/WA.

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