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Parts Prices

Post by New Dexter » Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:04 pm

I am sure we have all seen some eccentric prices for parts for the cars covered by this forum but how does one price a particular part? Given that many of these cars were a very limited run in the first place the demand for second hand parts, good or bad, is limited. Yet something which had a reasonable value in the first place might not even have a market now.
Take, for example, DG autoboxes. These were fitted to many cars apart from Daimlers. Ford Zephyr/Zodiacs MKs 2 and possibly 3, Armstrong Siddeleys yet is there a market? I doubt it. One of our number was advertising one for sale last year I think and wasn't flattened in the non-existent rush to buy it. However, does one just weigh them in? There are still cars fitted with them. Who would want them?
I would suspect that anything for a Daimler version of a Jaguar might have a better chance of being sold. If we consider the recently advertised DR450 which appeared to have a red velour upholstery did that material reduce the value of the car?
I have always found it strange that one could buy a Daimler E/EL 24 for a reasonable price but stick a RR grille on any car and it rockets in price.

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