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Loading a photo to a post from a mobile phone

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Loading a photo to a post from a mobile phone

Post by John-B »

Message from Michael (I haven't got a mobile phone so I don't know how to do it):
Hello Administrator,

The following is an e-mail sent to you through the administration contact page on "".

The message has been sent from an account on the site.
Username: Oxbro

Message sent to you follows

Can you indicate how I can load a photo from my phone to parts for sale section in the forum Regards Michael

Admin Edit: I've just found this old topic, but it doesn't explain the precise method. It seems that you have to save the photo and then use the smart phone's internet connection via WiFi:

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Re: Loading a photo to a post from a mobile phone

Post by JT7196 »

Yes that’s quite right, save photo to your Camera, then go to the DLOC “Forum” page and select the subject in question.
Click onto “ Attatchmdnts” at bottom of page, then select “Add files” this will take you to your Photo Library , select required photo, the selected photo should then have a Blue Tick , click on “Done”
The attatchment will then be seen to download at the base or the screen , click on “Place inine,” and the picture will appears once you have “submitted” your post

Hope this helps , Al 😀😒

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