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Drilling holes in dense concrete

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New Dexter
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Joined: Fri Feb 12, 2016 9:41 am

Drilling holes in dense concrete

Post by New Dexter »

I have to drill some 8mm holes in some concrete walls. I have some angle brackets I need to screw to the wall and they will be fastened to the wall using No.12 screws.
I have a Hitachi drill with hammer facility but it's proving difficult to make much progress. So far I have managed almost one hole and there are another 31 to come. In the past I have used an SDS drill borrowed from a friend and that was far more successful. The concrete wall was made from a very strong concrete mix.
Does anyone have a recommendation please? Should I hire an SDS drill? I have the SDS bits, just not the drill....

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Re: Drilling holes in dense concrete

Post by JT7196 »

Hire the Biggest, Meanest, Hammer Drill you can get your hands on, it will save you a lot of hard work !!

Cheers Al :D

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Re: Drilling holes in dense concrete

Post by classiclife »

I purchased a Makita SDS drill and needed it a lot when erecting a number of greenhouse's on to concrete bases and retaining walls.

The drill is an absolute joy to use and will go through concrete like a hot knife through butter.

Would also add that having very decent SDS drill bits is a must - cheap stuff does not last long.

To answer your Q hiring one is a must or perhaps a late Xmas treat !!


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Big Col
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Location: Leeds

Re: Drilling holes in dense concrete

Post by Big Col »

Totally agree with previous posters.
Normal hammer drills are too quick and just make heat rather than drill holes.
8mm should be no bother with a decent SDS but a pilot hole always makes life easier.
If doing a lot in one go, a squirt of water with a washing up liquid bottle also helps.
I may be slow but I’m rough as well !

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Re: Drilling holes in dense concrete

Post by Sydsmith »

No2 Son is a carpenter and gave me a 240 volt De Walt SDS drill many years ago when he had to change to 110, the old thing is superb and drilling just about anything.

Before you hire one, most builders use battery drills these days and have old 240 and 110 volt drills lying around, my son has several, they will sell them to you for a tenner or so, or they often turn up at car boot sales or garage sales and are a cheap as chips, well worth the investment. Syd

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