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Items for sale

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New Dexter
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Items for sale

Post by New Dexter » Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:46 am

In the days of Exchange and Mart and other printed media an item would be advertised and a telephone number displayed. Those interested in whatever was for sale would use their telephone and speak to the seller. They would ask questions, some might need further information. Now we have the anonymity of email.
An item is advertised, someone sends an email asking questions about the item. Size, weight, markings etc etc. This is supplied and nothing further is heard. Why ask then. If it is disappointing to them or the item is unsuitable after all why not send another email thanking the seller and giving a reason why they won't be buying
I have an item on one website. Question yesterday asking if it's still for sale and shipping cost. Trek to workshop, weigh item on bathroom scales, use internet to establish cost and send information to enquirer. Nothing. If the person did not want said item why ask if it is for sale?
It seems there is very little basic courtesy on the internet. A few, very few, have asked questions, been given information and have replied with thanks to say that the item isn't suitable for their needs. It's wrong size, era etc. Fine

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Re: Items for sale

Post by classiclife » Thu Feb 07, 2019 9:09 pm

I could not agree more with that overview and perfectly pitched.

I sell a lot of classic car parts, mainly NOS, the number of time wasters and lack of acknowledgement is a far too common occurrence. However, when you get a decent interested party who has the courtesy to sign off properly, it makes all those other vacuous enquiries seem less irksome.

There is no doubt, IMHO, that the level of civility and common courtesy has waned somewhat over the years. As a seller, it's an "occupational" hazard and one I have to accept.



Stan Thomas
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Re: Items for sale

Post by Stan Thomas » Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:25 am

Ancient Chinese saying:

"People do not apreciate you for what you have done in the past - only for your usefulness in the future"

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