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Federation of British Historic car clubs

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Warsash 2
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Federation of British Historic car clubs

Post by Warsash 2 »

I received this from a small club that I am a member of it makes interesting reading and reassuring that us old car owners are no all mad

FBHVC Press Release 21.05.19 2019 National Cost of Ownership Survey Results.docx
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Re: Federation of British Historic car clubs

Post by Chris_R »

I agree it makes interesting reading but it must be taken in context. The report is based on a survey of 1,236 "representative" adults. The ownership information is based on a survey of 3,387 owners. I think that once you start to scale up to millions based on a sample of just 0.0025% of the adult population that very significant margins of error must come in and some of the numbers must be viewed with a high degree of scepticism.
For example the report says that over 5 million are interested in owning a historic car but only 3 million go to shows. Assuming a 100% overlap of those 3 million that means that over 2 million who are interested in owning a historic car never show any interest by going to a show!
The report itself concludes with
General Notes to Reader:
While every care has been taken to ensure accuracy in presenting these results, there is nevertheless the need to review these findings with a critical eye.

Big Col
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Re: Federation of British Historic car clubs

Post by Big Col »

I’m of the opinion that it is to be taken with a pinch of salt. The organisation appears to put out the survey every so often with questions that are designed for self indulgence. In think it is nothing better than a quango.
I may be slow but I’m rough as well !

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