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Message for Stan Thomas

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Message for Stan Thomas

Post by John-B »

Stan, is your email address at orangehome.co.uk correct? I've tried to reply but it was undeliverable.

Please confirm what it is by using the Contact Us below any page to give me your correct address.

My reply was:
Hi, Stan, I've copied the following directions, so I hope you can follow them.

To show a photo or image in a post or reply, open a New Topic or Reply window, click Attachments below left of the post window, then click Add Files which will open your computer's file list in a separate window, highlight a file (preferably in a .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp or .gif format), click Open at the bottom of the window, wait for it to upload and it should show the filename in the original post page below the post window, put the cursor in the post where you want the photo to show and click Place Inline which will add the filename inside [ attachment] [ /attachment] code. You can Add files several times. Then Submit the post. You don't need to use [ URL] [ /URL] or [ IMG] [ /IMG] tags.

If the upload shows a message that the image is too large, it may be size in pixels or file size in KiB (3 MB or 3000 KiB at 24/02/2016). Size in px is unlimited at 24/02/2016 but 1024 x 768 px is quite sufficient for a website. Most computers have image software that can resize images and save with a .jpg or a .jpeg extension. Windows computers have "Paint" (search for mspaint.exe or paint.exe or Paint if you can't find the program).



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