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Disposal of waste coolant, oil or petrol

Technical issues not related to a DLOC car marque, eg tyres, ethanol, other car makes, etc. and legal, political and insurance

How do you dispose of waste oil, coolant or petrol?

In a hole in the ground
No votes
On the ground
At the council waste depot
Down the WC or sink
No votes
Pour it into the road gutter
No votes
Drink it
No votes
Other method (describe below)
Total votes: 11

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Re: Disposal of waste coolant, oil or petrol

Post by NickDeAth »

I am fortunate to work in a workshop that has proper waste oil etc disposal facilities. My governors probably wouldn't like it if they knew, it costs a fortune to dispose of hazardous waste these days and all these fluids are considered hazardous.

"Nick - do you think you will ever put that old car back together again?"

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Re: Disposal of waste coolant, oil or petrol

Post by Chris_R »

One of my cars is a Land Rover. I don't have any waste coolant or oil to dispose of. It continuously drips it along the road and I continuously refill it at the top to make up for the loss thus creating a permanent renewing effect in the engine. Problem solved! :lol: :lol: :lol:

P.S. I am just joking of course. It goes into old oil cans and recycled at the local recycling centre.

New Dexter
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Re: Disposal of waste coolant, oil or petrol

Post by New Dexter »

Many years ago Adrian Hanwell suggested a good method for treating wooden fence posts. A mixture of creosote, old engine oil and he might have suggested some white spirit too. Fill an old dustbin or similarly deep container with as much as possible and stand the posts in this mixture for as long as possible. Another trick was to drill a hole diagonally down into the post above the ground level. Take an old washing up bottle, fit the nose end with a length of hose, insert that into the hole and tie the bottle to the post with cable ties or string. Cut the bottom off the bottle, fill with the same liquid, cover with cling film and fix with an elastic band. Gosh the things one posts on a car forum....

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