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MOT exemption

Technical issues not related to a DLOC car marque, eg tyres, ethanol, other car makes, etc. and legal, political and insurance
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Re: MOT exemption

Post by 1949startinghandle »

I don't bother with a test. For a start, many garage employees don't even know what a carburettor is.

Big Col
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Re: MOT exemption

Post by Big Col »

Considering the comments on the forum and in the general classic car press I think there could be a mid way solution. It could follow the general idea of the old fashioned pre MOT inspections that your friendly local garage carried out when they serviced the car for you.
Even the young MOT testers could inspect general safety items to see if bits are falling off or are worn out. The brakes could be tested on the rollers for balance and the tyres checked for condition etc. etc. etc. (The king and I is still a good film to watch).
It's only my opinion but testers are well capable of checking the cars. It is the fear of the computerised system and the chance of a mistake that could lead to repercussions that leads to the excuses that we see to not MOT vehicles.
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Norfolk Lad
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Re: MOT exemption

Post by Norfolk Lad »

This week my brother has taken a car for MOT this car is owned by a couple who have moved from Northern Ireland bringing the car with them, so no records on our MOT system did the tester refuse it the answer is no and the same applies to all cars not on the system.

It does involve filling in a online form for the testing station all car details have to be entered which are on the registration form or the car,
make, model, chassis number, colour engine , etc.
When the system first went live we were asked to bring the registration form with the car, so if a tester says no he is just lazy and not bothered.
Will agree that lots have no idea what to test and how to apply the rules for a older vehicle, and there is no need for a rolling road brake test although my 1947 Lanchester passed when tested.


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Re: MOT exemption

Post by Fossil »


Sorry to take two days to respond, my phone line has been down.

Yes the Daimlers' MoTs are performed on the VOSA system and the certificates are pukka print-outs.



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Re: MOT exemption

Post by Phillmore »

Thanks Geoff.

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