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MOT Exemptions

Technical issues not related to a DLOC car marque, eg tyres, ethanol, other car makes, etc. and legal, political and insurance
Warsash 2
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Re: MOT Exemptions

Post by Warsash 2 »

My mechanic who was an old style MOT examiner tells me the problem is that a lot of younger MOT testers have no idea if they cannot plug into the cars computer. I thing that was the governments thinking, if they ever thought of anything


Big Col
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Re: MOT Exemptions

Post by Big Col »

I think Marchesmark is correct. That’s how it has worked out for me. The good part about it is that you can keep the car taxed all year and don’t have to mess about with SORN through the winter. I never bothered with SORN but the saving on tax is a bonus. The other good thing is that your not as tied to a date for MOT just to get the tax renewal.
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Re: MOT Exemptions

Post by KV8 »

grahamemmett wrote:
Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:12 pm
But when it’s 40 years old you don’t need to relicense it?
Or am I driving around illegally?
As Chris_R points out you are legally required to re licence the car annually and whilst you have to go through the process every year it costs nothing.

Yes you are driving round illegally and as a consequence your insurance may also be invalid! Go to www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax it takes minutes to licence your car(s)



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