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A group of technical and historycal questions

Technical issues not related to a DLOC car marque, eg tyres, ethanol, other car makes, etc. and legal, political and insurance
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A group of technical and historycal questions

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Hello. Well, I'm passionate about old cars *, but I'm not so advanced in the tehcnical field, so I do have some curiosities:
1) At an old car you can add a magento in the engine compartment if it's room for it? If the battery is dead to still be able to start the car;
2) At a car with preselector gearbox can you reverse the brake and the acceleration pedal? Meaning the acceleration pedal to be the one from the middle and the brake one the one from the right side. Probably is hard to reverse the pedals themself, but the rods behind?. I've seen some "Daimler" cars with this feature, but unfourtenley they are sleeve valves one and unless you get some sleeve valves as spare parts when you get the car, I know is very hard to get ones;
3) When the "Daimler" owned companies and "Armstrong-Siddeley" made the last cars that at you could use the throttle lever as a kind of cruise control?;
4) Din in 1931-1936 there where any "Daimler", "Lanchester" and "Armstrong-Siddeley" cars with full metal body;
5) At minute 7:48 there is a small pedal in the right of the gear engage pedal. For what it was used?
6) When "Daimler" owned companies started introducing heating on they cars (and how hard is to put heating on car that dosen't have it - I know if you drill some holes for the pipes you can adapt a small radiator inside the car) and cars with rising windscreen.

* in Romania most people think that "Daimler" was/is only a German company, never heard about "Lanchester", "B.S.A.", "Armstrong-Sidddeley" or other Britihs Brands (well, they know about "Rover", probably some more heard about "Austin" and "Morris") and preselector gearbox is also very unknown here.
Valves (electronic tubes) are for audio what preselector gearboxes are for cars.

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