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Technical issues not related to a DLOC car marque, eg tyres, ethanol, other car makes, etc. and legal, political and insurance
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Post by bobtills »

My insurance runs out later this month and I don't have a lot of confidence in the company I chose last time.

My car is a Daimler 250, value about £20,000.

Does anybody have any recommendations? Or general advice?

At my age breakdown cover is desirable and we intend taking it at least as far as France.

Wise Man
Wise Man
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Re: Insurance

Post by Chris_R »

I have no experience of their claims procedure or settlement procedure but I use Heritage and have found them satisfactory in customer service and communications. International breakdown cover is separately managed but is very reasonably priced.

Classic Wise Man
Classic Wise Man
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Re: Insurance

Post by classiclife »

Hello Bob,

I have been using Peter James for years and find them spot-on. Contact details: 0121.506.6040

Overseas travel covered including international breakdown; other companies may / will charge you extra for these 2x benefits which is ludicrous.

My V8-250 has an Agreed Insurance Valuation with PJ, underwritten by DLOC.

To date cannot fault them.


1968 Daimler V8-250 Saloon
DLOC East Sussex Area Representative.
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Re: Insurance

Post by Zbigmak »

Try Hagerty - they have a great on-line value calculator and provide prices so you can compare with other companies being actually contacting them. ... rch_UKNews

Hope it helps

Christopher Storey
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Re: Insurance

Post by Christopher Storey »

Another high recommendation for Peter James

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Re: Insurance

Post by silverdart »

I would highly recommend Hagerty. Some years ago I did a survey of many owners and found that were very popular with a lot of the more affluent guys lucky enough to own collections of classics.
They are not the cheapest but, I am told that if one does have to make a claim, they are quick to settle.
I have been with them for a few years now and am very satisfied.


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Re: Insurance

Post by buckfield »

Hi, been with Lancaster Insurance for 10 years and more for both my Daimler V8 and Jag mk2 and are very happy with them, policies do go up but this years is only £8 up from last year, and they are happy to accept only 6 pictures for my agreed valuation. no hassle and easy to talk to on the phone. just my opinion and experience with them. Tony

Big Col
Wide Man
Wide Man
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Re: Insurance

Post by Big Col »

I am happy with RH. Breakdown cover is included.
I may be slow but I’m rough as well !

Chief Geek
Chief Geek
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Re: Insurance

Post by grahamemmett »

Don’t forget those advertising in the DM offer discounts to members
Graham Emmett
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Mark Bullen
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Re: Insurance

Post by Mark Bullen »

I have had good service from Carole Nash when breakdowns occurred twice in one year, albeit for different reasons. There was no significant premium increase, and it has lowered this year.

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