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US Trucking Company

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US Trucking Company

Post by JohnPetty »

Hello everyone. I am writing this message, perhaps off-topic, but my friend recommended your forum to me and said that you are competent in my question. So, the question is this: I need to send my SUV from California to Washington. Does anyone know any reliable, proven and well-priced current trucking companies?
I would be very grateful for your answer!

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Re: US Trucking Company

Post by John-B »

No replies so far, so I suggest you look through the member list and email a US member directly. You may be able to choose a member near you as some have given their location.

Bob Frisby
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Re: US Trucking Company

Post by Bob Frisby »

Hi John,

Where in California is the car? If you want to get it to Washington state, it might be easiest just to drive it. Two days, maybe three max.

On the other hand if it's Washington DC we are talking SEVERAL days of driving.

I am in Idaho, just a bit inland from the west coast. I don't have any particular recommendations for truckers. I'd probably try to Google a few, and send out emails. Then maybe call the most promising on the phone. Not much help, I know.

Bob Frisby
Boise, Idaho
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