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Regular DLOC Meetings cancelled

Ask the organiser or check a website to see if an event is cancelled or postponed.
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Regular DLOC Meetings cancelled

Post by Brian-H »

I presume that ALL meetings everywhere are, for the foreseeable future, "closed" ?

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Re: Regular DLOC Meetings cancelled

Post by John-B »

Brian-H wrote:
Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:40 pm
I presume that ALL meetings everywhere are, for the foreseeable future, "closed" ?
Obviously meeting inside a pub is banned, but so is driving for unessential reasons. If restrictions are relaxed for a few weeks (as anticipated to allow the virus peaks to climb and subside but never exceed the NHS capabilities), why not have a rally instead? Just meet at the normal place and shout from one car to another and have a pleasant drive in the summer, (or meet in a pub garden keeping well apart, not very recommended I think).

On Saturday I was just leaving my gate with the Dart when seven or eight supercars sped by. I was tempted to follow them on their rally or to their meeting place but by the time I had got out of the gate they had vanished.

Right now I'm watching the PM and two others giving a briefing well within two metres of each other and a view of the journalists showed them sitting less than 1 metre apart!

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