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Another item ticked off the bucket list almost

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Warsash 2
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Another item ticked off the bucket list almost

Post by Warsash 2 »

Hi All
Following the excellent International rally Bob & Kath Cantwell and Margaret & I continued down to the Italian Lakes for a break. Yesterday I nearly ticked off something on my 'Bucket List' we drove up and down the Stelvio pass. This route was described on the proper 'Top Gear' as the best driving road in Europe. It was a great experience and sad to say makes the climbs in the UK as small beer. It peaked out at 2760 meters but the driving experience has to be felt, it is impossible to describe. Some hardy souls cycled up it but I did have a V8 engine which for a man of my advanced years is the only way.
Why then almost ticked off. I had hoped to do it in Margaret's SP and had arranged for the engine to be professionally rebuilt over the winter. Despite delivering the car in late November it is still not done. So I used my Jaguar XJ super V8 not quite the same but the best I could do under the circumstances.So a half tick off and I do not think I will get another opportunity. If you want a great driving experience then the Swiss and Italian Alps are a great place to go.


New Dexter
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Re: Another item ticked off the bucket list almost

Post by New Dexter »

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Re: Another item ticked off the bucket list almost

Post by Sydsmith »

Colin, back in the 80's I had the great pleasure of driving from France to Alasio in northern Italy, we chose to drive over the Alps and not through the tunnels, as you say it was magnificent and the family will always remember the picnic lunch stop, on the banks of a royal blue lake, of fresh French bread rolls ham and tomatoes bought in a village in France.

Would really love to do it all over again in the SP.

I would have to keep an eye on the oil pressure and temperature meters at 2000 metres of course.

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Re: Another item ticked off the bucket list almost

Post by SteveW62 »

New Dexter,

I think you‘ve completely missed the point of the original post.

What a shame.

Nice one Colin. I live 2 hrs north of the Swiss border & have done some of the passes in Switzerland & Austria. It‘s an experience never to be forgotten. I want to do some on a motorbike before I reach 60.

There‘s something special about having a break surrounded by snow in June.

Big Col
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Re: Another item ticked off the bucket list almost

Post by Big Col »

Colin, I have been lucky enough to tick off in full your item on the list.
I can assure you that the SP works well both up and down.
The brakes functioned admirably down with the exhaust popping and cracking nicely. The torque coped exceptionally going up.
Happy days. Doing lake Como for the main part of the jolly was bliss.
Retirement in the near future puts it on my list to do it all again.
I may be slow but I’m rough as well !

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