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Footman James Classic Car Show at Shepton Mallet 9/02/2019

Ask the organiser or check a website to see if an event is cancelled or postponed.
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Footman James Classic Car Show at Shepton Mallet 9/02/2019

Post by John-B »

Footman James Classic Car Show at Shepton Mallet 9/02/2019

The DLOC stand was set up by Kevin Bennett, the red Dart is owned by Paul Chamberlain and was restored to original condition by Kevin Monk (daily reports on the old forum under username monkey). It's nearly the earliest chassis for RHD cars, A spec. but surprisingly hasn't got the small "whiskers" at the sides of the grille.
Kevin Bennett can be seen facing us, right at the back with his back to the display boards talking to the man with the grey jacket.
There was a huge hailstorm crashing on the tin roofs before lunch. I didn't take my Dart today as the roads were very messy and there were lots of heavy showers. Roll on summer :)
YGA 250 , TYF 173F , EUA 500K , KCP 893G
Out of curiosity, I thought I'd do a search on TYF (part reg of one of the V8 250s) and it turned up that the car had been at Shepton Mallet today, 15/7/2018, 11/2/2018, 5/11/2017, 15/7/2017, and at the International Rally in Cornwall in 2017. That shows one of the benefits of recording a Reg. number! I haven't knowingly met the owner.

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Re: Footman James Classic Car Show at Shepton Mallet 9/02/2019

Post by JT7196 »

Hi John, welcome from a very hot and sunny Perth WA, good to see that the DLOC have now been returned to their rightful position ,centre stage in the Showering Pavillion, I did have quite a job to convince the organisers that it was about time our Club was reinstated there, having supported these shows for well over 30 or more years!
Congratulations must go to Paul Chamberlain , and of course many thanks to the rest of the owners for displaying their cars over the weekend.
Just goes to show that I’m not really needed there at all !😂😂😂😂

[Edit: topic split, see http://forum.dloc.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4229 for LA11 engine problems.]

Best wishes to you all Al 😊😊

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