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DB18 / Conquest Preselective Gearbox & Other Manuals

Descriptive and in-depth articles on how to do repairs or restoration.
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DB18 / Conquest Preselective Gearbox & Other Manuals

Post by Hedgie » Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:25 am

Hi All,
I recently digitised the DB18 / Conquest Preselective Gearbox Manual that Neil Sharpe kindly sent me.

It contains a wealth of information on the DB18 Preselective (Epicyclic) Gearbox.

Follow this dropbox link to access it:- ... PRG9a?dl=0

and go to:-

...\\Daimler DB18 DHC 1947-1950\Documents\Non-copyrighted Documents\DB18 Documents\\Pre-selective Gearbox\Daimler Fluid Flywheel and Epicyclic Gearbox.pdf

The word document from which this was generated is also in this folder.

Another useful document in this folder is "ENV Pre-selective Gearbox Instruction Book.pdf"

Between the 2 documents you get a very good view of how the Preselective Gearbox works and how to work on it.

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Re: DB18 / Conquest Preselective Gearbox & Other Manuals

Post by watkindj » Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:31 am

Thanks Tony very useful
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Re: DB18 / Conquest Preselective Gearbox & Other Manuals

Post by HenryC » Wed Oct 25, 2017 8:01 am

This will be very useful, thank you.
Cheers, Henry

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