Darts parts!!

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Darts parts!!

Post by Dartagnan » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:45 am

After years of restoration and repair, Ab Hennekes has decided to take a step back.
This means that all kinds of Dart/SP250 parts that he has collected over the years have now become surplus to requirements.
The collection consists (among many others) of lots of engine- and gearbox parts (both from Darts and saloons) , starter motors, dynamos, steering- and suspension items. Also A-spec tailgates, a full windshield, manifolds, leaf springs, rims etc. etc. etc.
Please send him an email at ahennekes@hotmail.com letting him know what part(s) you are looking for. He’ll let you know what he’s got and what you can have it for.
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