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LA 10 1933 list of parts for sale

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LA 10 1933 list of parts for sale

Post by angrykebab » Mon May 13, 2019 6:06 pm

Hi there here is a list of parts i currently have for sale prices can be negotiated but not massively

Engine complete with all ancillaries £900
Gearbox £600
Rear Diff £400
Wings Good condition in primer £90 each
Bonnet £120
Front Bumper £100
Rear Bumper £120
Doors Glazed good condition £140 each
interior seats and doorcards not great £100
Windscreen with frame and catches £150
wheels and tyres £50 each
Front Radiator grill complete £250
Headlights dipping £180
Instruments complete £220

I have other bits like petrol tank door handles running boards etc
delivery is possible and i will listen to offers for the whole car until i start dismantling it

many thanks for reading if i can be of any help please e-mail me with requirements

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Re: LA 10 1933 list of parts for sale

Post by Petelang » Tue May 14, 2019 10:04 am

What size are the wheels and tyres? I take it they are spoked wires and that they're in good order?
Photo of the Different and rear axle would be good.
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