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Engine vibration damper - Daimler 15, plus others?

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Engine vibration damper - Daimler 15, plus others?

Post by mjlong »

I have a part that has been identified as the engine friction damper for a Daimler 15; it may also fit other models. It came with a cooling fan that I bought on Ebay to fit on my LA10. I assumed that it was something to do with the fan when it arrived, but this was not so. I never got round to fitting the fan before I sold the LA10 a few years ago. The still unfitted water pump went with the car, but, as the damper stayed in my garage.

The damper appears complete except for all but one spring and the bolts. These should be relatively easy to source. The friction disc is heavily oiled. I do not know if it is supposted to be or whether it should be dry.
I have found the following numbers on the parts making up the unit:
261383 (could be 261583)

Bore for the shaft 1.25"
OD of the square cut thread 1.9"
Friction disc diameter 5.25"
Overall diameter of the unit 7"
8 1/4" bolts on 6.25" PCD

If it is of any use to anyone, I am open to offers. It weighs just over 5kg; carriage within the UK by Hermes will be about £8. I will send it anywhere in the world, but for some countries, the carriage will be quite high.

If no one on the forum is interested, I will put it on Ebay to reach a wider audience, but I would prefer it to go to a proper Daimler enthusiast.

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Re: Engine vibration damper - Daimler 15, plus others?

Post by mjlong »

This has to go as I need the space. If nobody wants it, I will have to scrap it. I don't want to do this and I would very much prefer to see it saved for use in a car. I will send it anywhere for the cost of the postage. It weighs about 6kg packed.

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Re: Engine vibration damper - Daimler 15, plus others?

Post by classiclife »

Hello Mike,

I will take it off your hands if it is still available.

Regardless of not owning the appropriate vehicle, I certainly would not want to see it scraped - it can keep my other spares company !!

Please send me an email to further, if the above suits.

Many thanks.

Best wishes.

1968 Daimler V8-250 Saloon
DLOC East Sussex Area Representative.

Southern Classics Society Events Co-ordinator.

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