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Various Daimler V8 250 Engine Parts

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Various Daimler V8 250 Engine Parts

Post by Willsparker »


A few years ago, I bought a '67 Daimler V8 250 with the intention of restoring it, and in the process bought an additional V8 engine (along with the one in the engine bay). A few years down the line and I've decided to change my mind on restoring it, and want to go in another direction, so I have the following bits up for sale:
- A short engine (block, pistons, crank, sump etc. Still turns, and the cylinders don't look in too bad condition, however the area where the heads go could do with a skim)
- An auto-gearbox (not sure of inside condition, but the casing has some light ali corrosion. Can turn the prop shaft end)
- A bare engine block (No cracks, but surface rust on most areas. Would be a good candidate for boring out to a bigger capacity)
- 2 Pairs of cylinder heads (one pair stripped of valves and springs, one pair intact. Both will need skimming, though one pair isn't as bad as the other)
- 8 rocker arms (4 ingood condition, 4 are corroded)
- 2 sets of both long and short push rods ( for 4 heads )
- 2 sets of Head Bolts ( for 4 heads )
- Aluminium sump
- A single pair of Carbs
- 2 water pumps
- an intake
- air filter box and supporting bracket/tubes.
- distributor (Will need refurb)
- Dynamo (unknown if working)
- Starter Motor (unknown if working)

Those are the main bits, but I'm essentially selling 1 complete and 1 nearly complete engine, so either private message or email me if there's anything else I may have.

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Re: Various Daimler V8 250 Engine Parts

Post by fredeuce »

Do you still have any of these parts for sale ?

I am looking for some spare tappets ?


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