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Consort - family owned from new

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Norfolk Lad
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Re: Consort - family owned from new

Post by Norfolk Lad »

Now you are certain you will produce the first electric Consort it will be good to see a progress report on how the work is going , clearly you now have some support to tackle this task and help you follow it to completion .
Hope you succeed but am sure you have gained the help of a Forum member who can advise and show you how to tackle those things you will need help with.

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Re: Consort - family owned from new

Post by Brian-H »

Thanks Peter, yes I'm "starting" to get into the job. I've taken some photos and will show the progress as I go along, as and when there's something useful to show.

The problem is that I've got 101 other things in progress (e.g. fixing a car that my son was using, loads of smaller things to fix) plus, in order to get at the car, there was a load of boxes of stuff on the roof and the wings. I've moved furniture around in the house, moved all the boxes into the house, and I'm just about to move all the seats out of the Daimler and into the house, then start to remove the side trim on the door pillars and roof. It's at that stage that I should be able to post useful pictures.

I suspect that the roof issue happened during a period from about 2001 to 2003 when the car was "stored" elsewhere (when I moved into the present house, the car went straight into the garage and stayed there, and I removed the head in 2004 and then stopped). Looking very closely at it now, I am amazed at the good condition of many parts, mostly because I was very careful how I had "cocooned" everything. The body doesn't look in good condition, but it is. The only concern is the "stretch" on the roof, but without having removed the headlining, I'm certain that it's due to expansion of the wood. This probably started somewhere in the 2001-2003 period when it was out in heavy rain for a couple of months in the summer. That's when I think that the rain got under the gutter and into the wood above the gutter, probably sealing was totally dried out and no longer functional. Not long to go when I can be sure, weeks rather than months.

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