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Quentin Willson's Dart for sale

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Re: Quentin Willson's Dart for sale

Post by Flinty »

95K a snip

Steve. :lol:

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Re: Quentin Willson's Dart for sale

Post by heh101353 »

£95,000 might do for a nice burial ceremony without the car, I'm afraid.
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Chief Geek
Chief Geek
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Re: Quentin Willson's Dart for sale

Post by grahamemmett »

The blurb bangs on about how original it is but those wheels and tyres are so wrong.
Graham Emmett
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Big Col
Wide Man
Wide Man
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Re: Quentin Willson's Dart for sale

Post by Big Col »

It’s not as original as some but it has fully known history. To me that doesn’t make it more valuable. I don’t care who has owned it really, the present condition is more what I look for.
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Helpful Person
Helpful Person
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Re: Quentin Willson's Dart for sale

Post by Fossil »

I wonder if the history is as well known as some claim.

I knew this car in the early 70s before QW bought it. It belonged to a GP in Forfar, a small town south of Aberdeen fairly close to Glamis Castle where the first owner the Countess of Strathmore lived. I was a junior hospital doctor in Aberdeen at that time and I'd bought my first SP in 1970 (from a dealer in a tiny mews garage in Belgravia) so it was a simple matter to get in touch with him, in 1972 I think. He showed me the gold coronet on each door and the hole in the bonnet where her mascot had been attached. I caught up with him a few months later in early 73 and was shocked to hear that his daughter had taken the car for a spin and crashed it. She was seriously injured and the car seriously damaged also. At that time he was uncertain whether he would have it repaired, but clearly he did. Unfortunately I was not in the UK when it was advertised, I had joined the RAF; so I could not follow it up.

However I did subsequently give Quentin this information after I met him, to which he said that he knew it had been damaged at some time. Later on he decided to have it restored. I think he entrusted this to Phil Glennerster of Autotec SP250, who also supplied my rack & pinion conversion kit about 25 years ago; still going strong!

Barry Thorne's SP, the one registered SP250, was also located in Scotland at that time, near Inverness. Had fate been kinder to me I might have been the happy owner of both of them.

But c'est la vie, or "say lavvy" as they say in Glasgow.



Helpful Person
Helpful Person
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Re: Quentin Willson's Dart for sale

Post by simonp »

Its an automatic so would never be on my buy list and certainly not at £95,000. Probably worth about half that.

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