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Post by grahamemmett » Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:06 am


ESTIMATE £5,000 - £6,000
Chassis number SADDWATL3AC200968 - This example has been in the hands of the current registered keeper and vendor for nearly 18 years. The DS420 was announced in June 1968 to replace the DR450 which had been based on the Majestic Major. Unlike its predecessor, it had no Daimler engineering, but was entirely a Jaguar product, using the 4.2 litre version of the Jaguar XK straight-six engine. It also replaced the Vanden Plas 4-Litre Princess Limousine, and was initially produced at the Vanden Plas works in Kingsbury, North London. These cars are classed as State cars, and have been used in the Royal Mews by the Queen and Queen Mother but unlike the Royal Rolls Royce and Bentley models in the Royal fleet, they always displayed registration plates. This particular vehicle has been used as part of a wedding car fleet and benefits from a current MOT until July 2019. The vendor informs us this example drove a distance of nearly 80 miles to reach our auction with no issues.

Lot No. 650
Reg: HIL 6428
Type: 4dr Saloon
Registered: May 1987 (D)
Odometer: 76,802 miles Not Checked
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel Type: Petrol
Colour: Midnight Blue
Former Keepers: 4
MOT: Jul 2019
https://stock.morrisleslie.com/stock/de ... eg=HIL6428
Graham Emmett
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Post by tjt77 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:32 pm

This model seems to come up quite regularly on ebay... Im not in the least bit attracted to this model .. all personal taste of course.. arguably ALL Daimler's post '59 are actually Jaguars ..much like the still ongoing debate over Riley cars ( owned by Morris Motors from '38..then morphed into BMC ) many seem to equate 'real' versions as those that had the unique to original marque engines.. which for Daimler, would be SP 250 and majestic major.. plus the otherwise 'mostly Jaguar' 2 1/2 litre V8 saloons (The highest selling car to carry the Daimler badge) but it is a car of very different driving character to the sister Mk2 saloon.. its a far nicer car to drive provided you are not expecting blistering performance ..the overall balance is incomparably better then its sister car..
the DS 420 limos were built upon a stretched jaguar Mk10/420G platform.. with the same 4.2 jaguar engine ..later version used the production XJ6 engine in fuel injected form.. many Riley Buffs believe the last 'real' Riley was the Pathfinder of '54-57.. much maligned it is day, but actually VERY good car once the initial problems were resolved (which lead to the firing of its designer.. Gerald Palmer.) he'd previously designed the highly innovative and advanced for its time, 'Jowett Javelin' which has similar production issues to the Pathfinder.. and made losses that caused Jowett to go into receivership.. but as with the Riley Pathfinder.. an excellent car once its teething problems were resolved..and somewhat unique in its small but tasteful styling details with 'art deco' features.. .. respected UK motoring journalist John Bolster wrote of the Riley Pathfinder 'perhaps the best Riley produced ever' ..I'd fully agree with him.. I think I have the last one remaining in USA..

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