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1951 Daimler special sport drophead

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Location: Arizona, USA

1951 Daimler special sport drophead

Post by Ozzsp250 »

Listed in Arizona, needs finishing.

https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/ ... 74204.html

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Re: 1951 Daimler special sport drophead

Post by grahamemmett »

Nice job but too much money for a non-runner however much work he says is done.
Graham Emmett
Northwich, Cheshire
Joint DB18 Registrar (with Marcel Renshaw)
DB18 1949 LCV522 (Yes that one with the P100s)

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Re: 1951 Daimler special sport drophead

Post by Barrie »

Looks Ok.
Price ok as a starter.
'mostly built for royalty. All Aluminum body' Not quite right :|

Peter Grant
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Location: Sydney, Australia

Re: 1951 Daimler special sport drophead

Post by Peter Grant »

I wonder if the timber door cappings are underneath that padded vinyl section on top of the doors.
When the decorative timber isn't there it makes me realise how important it is to the intrinsic look and feel of the car.

Also, and it is not for me to speak, owning an all yellow Special Sports, but while the colours on this car are fine, I think the two tone looks better following the usual lines.

Peter G

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Re: 1951 Daimler special sport drophead

Post by Noelex »

Hi Peter have to agree. These are such difficult cars to restore properly but one really shouldn't compromise. Love the colour but the non standard colour line is more than just not correct it is plain ugly. The interior is vinyl not leather and badly wrong. Restoring these faithfully is expensive and difficult however original or an attempt at original at least preserves the historical authenticity.

Would love to know what happened to the real Royal empress Special Sports that was for sale in Florida many years ago. Owned by Queen Marie of Romania or something. Tried to buy it ... such is life cheers
Hugh Spencer

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