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Hooper Century and 104 for sale

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Hooper Century and 104 for sale

Post by Fossil »


I 've been contacted by Club Member Alan Hutt to say that because he is no longer able to drive, he wishes to sell two Daimlers, a 1955 104 saloon and a 1955 DJ256 4 door 5 seat Hooper bodied Century. Both cars are very rare, the Century in particular, and present a rare and exceptional opportunity to acquire an example of one or both in fine condition.

Hooper created three Empress style 4 door Century Sports Saloons in 1954/5 alongside three Empress style two door Dauphin cars, Only one of each of those three are still known of and in working order at present. They are all MkI spec 100bhp pre-select cars, built with typical Hooper style and quality. The dash has the full compliment of Century instruments and controls, the 4 door cars have picnic tables and other such features.

Alan's Century is the third of the three Sports Saloons, and has been well cared of for many years. It was resprayed some years ago, and previously belonged for many years to Dave Tomkiss, the current DJ252 registrar. The illustration is copied from a previous issue of the DM, and shows the car prior to its respray. It is now dark Green.

If you are intertested in either one please contact me by pm and I'll put you in touch with Alan.

PYM 949


DJ256 Hooper 4 door.jpg

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