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More on 2 1/2 litre V8 engine bearings

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Re: More on 2 1/2 litre V8 engine bearings

Post by ddstewie » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:59 pm

Hi, Who is the retail supplier of the new tri metal conrod bearings ? Can you please supply contact details. Thanks Dennis.

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Re: More on 2 1/2 litre V8 engine bearings

Post by tjt77 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:02 pm

Try David Manners Ltd :- they should have the new production LC rod bearings by now.. they have excellent service (parts arrive from UK to USA quicker than than they do from local suppliers.. worst scenario for me so far has been 3 business days from time of placing order to receiving it) and thier prices are very fair and offer savings over US sellers of same parts) I received the last shipment ( 2 sets of the new production king tri metal rod bearings.. one set of old stock tri metal mains..a brand I did not know existed.. but was familiar with the name ) from FW Thornton.. expensive compared with D Manners, but due to the fact they still had 'lead copper' or tri metal mains on hand, I went with it.. I believe that Manners are approx 30 UKP for the bi metal rod brings.. Thornton are double that price for lead copper versions.. both plus S+H costs.. I generally order a good number of parts with each order, which keeps shipping costs realistic ..(0ne set of the new LC rod bearings will net out @+/- $110 unless part of a larger order)
also..do check with long term suppliers that have served the daimler community long term on this site..I believe Barry Thorne still has a few sets of lead copper bearings in stock in some undersizes.. the old DLOC club supply is also quite well stocked with NOS parts but communication and service is at best rather sketchy.. I recall getting a telling off back in the late 70s for complaining about the length of time it took to get parts from them.. pointing out that it was mostly staffed by volunteers.. when ordering from suppliers within USA Ive found that GW Barratt have very good service and competitive pricing.. but for daimler engine bearings one may be better off ordering direct from an UK suppler specializing in jaguar/daimler.. I'm happy to recommend D Manners ltd as the best bet in my limited experience..if you need old stock tri metal mains you'll have to shop around though..

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