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Removal of exhaust manifolds

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Alpine Daimler
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Removal of exhaust manifolds

Post by Alpine Daimler » Wed Dec 26, 2018 8:11 pm

Hello all,

I've started on the removal of the cylinder heads, and am now down to the exhaust manifolds.

My question is can both manifolds be removed with engine in situ in my LHD saloon before I start to remove the heads?
My intention is to gain access to the block drain screws and drain the heads and block before attempting to remove heads as I don't want to fill cylinders and sump with coolant which I understand is possible and very likely!

If so I assume after the heads are refitted the manifolds can be installed afterwards?

Looks like removal of the lower steering column will help with removal of left hand manifold.

Have tried searching the old forum without luck I evetually found a short discussion on Daimler 2.5 V8 Facebook group but it is a little confusing (for me!!), clearly yet another devil of job!

Rob c.
V8, its the only way forward, 1967 2.5 V8 Saloon LHD MAN/OD, DLOC member

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Re: Removal of exhaust manifolds

Post by tjt77 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:38 pm

It possible to remove ex manifolds with engine in car .. the deciding factor (if intent is to leave manifolds in situ) is whether the exhaust down pipe will come out of the manifold without a fight .. IF the exhaust has been replaced within the last 5-6 yrs generally they are easy to remove.. over time the downpipe and its surrounding components tend to get firmly lodged in place due to corrosion build up which can make it almost impossible and minimally VERY difficult to break loose without destroying the exhaust downpipe... you should be able to remove the block drain plugs with exhaust in situ.(r'h one just ahead of oil filter housing..L/h one just behind starter) .. they are std 5/16 spanner/ wench head.. be aware that crud build up often blocks coolant from draining.. in which case, if you have a 90' drill, run a 1/4" dill bit in the hole until you get a result (obviously do not drill into cylinder liner..this is hard to do and an unlikely scenario in any case) ..IF the coolant wont drain with the plug removed and hole cleaned out.. punch or drill a small hole on the most accessible core plug..this will allow sufficient coolant to drain below the head/bock face. thereby preventing coolant entering oil or cylinder bores.. very important to get coolant below that face, or inevitably coolant will enter the oil.. and it is not possible to get it all out without removing sump, as the it never fully drains in situ and coolant tends to float on oil.
this is NOT an enviable task.. always a dirty job..make sure you have decent eye protection to avoid getting crud in an eyeball.. good luck.

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Re: Removal of exhaust manifolds

Post by Clive » Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:55 am

I agree the drain plugs can be removed with the manifolds and exhaust in situ. Can't remember if I removed starter motor for better access.

My nearside drain was completely blocked. I was able to clear it using a stiffish plastic irrigation tube plumbed into a hose pipe using a drilled out cork and hose clamp. This produced a high pressure jet. I was able to feed (ram, poke, jab) the tube deep into the block in different directions. Took a lot of wet work but a lot of crud came out.


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