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250 v8 rear hub removal (i hope)

Ian Slade
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Re: 250 v8 rear hub removal (i hope)

Post by Ian Slade »

One could use the marine system for removing propellers, drill a small hole in the half shaft of a length to be half way into the taper, then cross drill into the longitudinal hole, tap a thread into the longitudinal hole to fit a hydraulic union. To remove the hub next time pump oil or grease into the hole to between 5000 to 10000psi using an Enerpac and it should fall off. Drill size is 2-3mm
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Ian Hastings
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Re: 250 v8 rear hub removal (i hope)

Post by Ian Hastings »

guitarman1951 wrote:
Tue Apr 23, 2019 2:14 am
Hi Graham,
The wonderful tool is a copy of the original Churchill JD-1 tool, "Martin Robey Ltd "has them listed part no. 204-011 ---- £254.17. I am trying to get one made!. regards Brian
As stated earlier in the thread I have a five legged hydraulic puller which does the job admirably.

I'm offering it for sale for £50.00 plus p&p which is a considerable saving on what you propose.

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