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v8 2.5 high oil pressure

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Re: v8 2.5 high oil pressure

Post by tjt77 »

Buckfield :- the standard electrical gauges are notoriously innacurate.. they commonly read low with the passing of time .the issue is almost always the sender unit which is sensitive to heat exposure. Mechanical guages are known to be more reliable .. but obviously qualities vary.. the smith/british jaeger as used in MG's rarely give bad readings.. VDO are known to be good in both electrical and mechanical formats..

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Re: v8 2.5 high oil pressure

Post by Chris_R »

Again, I agree with the preceding comment from my own experience. Different car but still an electrical sender that started reading very low and sometimes dropping to zero at idle. Temporarily adding a mechanical gauge allowed me to see what was really going on. The problem was the sender malfunctioning. Although you have the opposite issue, the mechanical gauge will provide backup data to what is happening.

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Re: v8 2.5 high oil pressure

Post by classiclife »

I presume that over time the oil sender unit (C15474) becomes less accurate and it may be the case that some cars will still have the original sender ??

A step forward, may well be substitution of the old unit for a new one.


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Re: v8 2.5 high oil pressure

Post by KV8 »

Steve laud wrote:
Mon Apr 22, 2019 4:16 pm
Hi Richard,oil was changed yesterday ,the new oil being castrol classic XL 20w/50
Interestingly Russ advised use of 15W40 following his rebuild of mine in 2015. Not sure what influence this would have if any on oil pressure readings but....



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Re: v8 2.5 high oil pressure

Post by Tennant »

Hi Guys,
I was wondering about my oil pressure so bought a new sensor. I wanted to check it before fitting so removing the hose from a tyre compressor and screwing the sensor into the 1/8" connection in the tyre pump gauge. I could then earth the sensor and check the car gauge reading against the compressor reading. I found the car gauge reading low and the car gauge is adjustable using a screwdriver at the back of the gauge.
There is always the possibility that the compressor gauge is not correct but in my case the main compressor gauge and the hand gauge showed the same numbers so the probability is that they are correct.
Just my hack & I wish that I had the problem of high pressure!!


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