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Panhard Rod mounts

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Paul Edginton
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Joined: Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:56 am

Panhard Rod mounts

Post by Paul Edginton »

Our V8 was fitted with poly bushes 13 years ago all round and they have now travelled about 55k miles.
The rear suspension had started to make a clonk over sharp bumps which turned out to be the top of the dif hitting the edge of the petrol tank. The torque rod bushes had flogged out allowing the dif to rotate.
When the poly bushes were fitted , by a suspension specialist he did not lubricate the rotating parts leading to failure.
On inspection the panhard rod bushes spacers etc also need replacing.
I note that the faces of the rod mounting points do not appear exactly parallel . Is this normal?
All help gratefully accepted

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Re: Panhard Rod mounts

Post by Pinto »

Hi Paul,
My V8 sedan had a similar problem. There is a Jaguar factory bulletin no. 219 dated July 1957 where they suggest to remove the diff cover plate and heat the section rubbing on the fuel tank flatten it slightly but make sure there is still 2 3/4 " or 70mm from the mounting flange to the reworked area. I had to replace the cover gasket so I did the mod whilst the cover was off. My panhard rod bushes also needed replacing but after 52 years the adjusting nuts were frozen solid. I purchased a complete kit from David Manners and cut the old one off with my angle grinder. Getting the side to side adjustment correct as per the workshop manual proved to be a bit of a mission .
David B.

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