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Rocker cover leaks

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V8 Junkie
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Rocker cover leaks

Post by V8 Junkie »

Hi all.
I have been having problems with sealing the rocker covers,(due to recent tappet adjustments) I have used both rubber and cork gaskets lightly coated with Hylomar blue with no success,I thoroughly cleaned mating surfaces with white spirit.Upon removal of one non leaking cover(applied by previous owner) I found no evidence of a gasket but a form of silicone sealer which was sealing perfectly
Has anyone gone this route and if so what is the best silicone sealer to use

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Vortex O'Plinth
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Re: Rocker cover leaks

Post by Vortex O'Plinth »

If a leak-free rocker cover joint is unsuccessful it's probably due to a distorted cover, an inadequate clamp force or the gasket extruding from the joint. I've had no problems with joints where the cork gasket has been initially glued to the cover with PU adhesive and, after curing, sealed to the block with a light application of blue Hylomar. The adhesive bond with the cover prevents the pull-in of the gasket that can occur if it's not secured.

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