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V8-250: Crankshaft difference

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V8-250: Crankshaft difference

Post by classiclife »


I've noted that Daimler V8-250's came with either an INTERNAL thread or non-threaded crank nose at the crank pulley end.

Any knowledge as to that difference, please ??

Thank you.

1968 Daimler V8-250 Saloon
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Re: V8-250: Crankshaft difference

Post by tjt77 »

All the Turner V8s have the crankshafts threaded at the front (nose) end as far as my knowledge goes.... the front pulley has to be secured.. period .. I have never seen one with internal threads.. every one I have personally observed has an external thread up front that the pulley nut threads on to.. this goes for both 4 1/2 litre and 2 1/2 litre engines..but the 4 1/2 and some marine versions have a pulley nut that will accommodate a starting handle.. the SP250 has a different crankshaft ..specifically, rear end to the crank is different design to limit oil leakage past the rear main bearing.. the SP has a cast iron 'ring' type seal that floats on the rear of the crankshaft with machined 'scroll' on crank surface..and the cylinder block and rear main bearing cap are different design to accommodate this style seal or 'oil flinger' .. all other versions ( saloon/marine/industrial) used 2 piece rope style rear seal.. same part as used on the post '63 jaguar inline 6.. complete cylinder blocks are interchangeable between SP and 'other' versions.. the SP sump and correct oil pump pick up plate will fit the saloon block.

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Re: V8-250: Crankshaft difference

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