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Drag link

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Drag link

Post by bobtills »

Had my Daimler 250 checked out in good time for it's MOT and the drag link joints are worn.

I've been looking for replacements and I'm getting confused.

You can buy new pins & bushes (part no. C17099) but with warnings to 'make sure yours are the removable type before you buy' and people saying that you need a hydraulic press to get them out.

If you need a hydraulic press, that's no problem, I know people who have them but how do I tell if mine are the removable pin variety while they are still on the car?

It's 1968, if that makes any difference, and without power steering which apparently does make a difference.

Otherwise, you can get the whole assembly but only the right side seems to be available; nobody seems to have any left sided ones.


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