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Swept arc of wiper blades

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Alpine Daimler
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Swept arc of wiper blades

Post by Alpine Daimler »


I thought I'd nailed this! See link to video of my wipers in operation following overhaul.

Wiper motor, rack, wiper wheelboxes and tubes removed, cleaned and overhauled.

Parts refitted and run without wiper arms, looked good.

Upon fitting old wiper arms and blades I was a little disappointed with the swept arc on drivers side. Note, mine is a left hand drive and is fitted with a LHD motor with appropriate park switch set-up.

I'm pretty sure I now know how it all should work and am a bit of a loss how I can increase the arc to beyond about 11 o'clock on the drivers side (if that is even possible?) or perhaps I just have to live with this as it's a LHD model?

I am unable to compare with pre overhaul standard as the overall performance was so poor a comparison would be worthless..........unless one of you has a video of a LHD wiper in action?!!

I think the park pos is ok as they "settle down" just above the screen trim.

Positive points :

The sweep is quite powerful when the battery is charged up, without slip or too much wear, they work!
At least the new blades may not judder like the old ones
The car is only driven in dry if poss and the performance should be ok in emergency and get through German MOT....it sailed through before!
That select park, stop, reverse and drawn out dance routine is rather quirky unless thats wrong aswell.

Slightly irritating :

New arms from Manners do not have "fold away from screen and hold for cleaning function"...why not?

All the best over there from over here.

Rob C.
V8, its the only way forward, 1967 2.5 V8 Saloon LHD MAN/OD, DLOC member

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