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1964 saloon radio removal

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1964 saloon radio removal

Post by Pinto »

Help please.
MY 64 sedan has the original(( I Think HMV radio ) Car has been converted to neg earth, so I have never turned it on. I need information to be able to remove the radio. My w/s manual does not include any info about the radio or its removal. It is an Australian delivered car.
Any suggestions appreciated.
Regards David Bruce,

Wise Guy
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Re: 1964 saloon radio removal

Post by Chris_R »

I'm sure someone will be along with more specific instructions but generally on old radios you pull off the on/off and tuning knobs and underneath you will find two rather large nuts holding the radio to the fascia panel. Undoing those often releases the radio entirely which then comes out from the back of the fascia but sometimes there may be an additional support at the back.
As far as I know these were not fitted in the factory so it will have been an aftermarket dealer fitted unit.

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Re: 1964 saloon radio removal

Post by Tony250w »

I assume it is the same as the Jaguar Mk2 in which case there were 2 U shaped pins that went in the holes either side of the Radio, these released the clips and pulled the radio out forwards. It is then easy to change the wires over in the back of the Radio to alter polarity.
Hope this may help
Regards Tony

Ian Slade
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Re: 1964 saloon radio removal

Post by Ian Slade »

If the radio has the holes for the two pronged removal tool it is an after market fitting the radios using that system are post 1980, before that they either used Chris's description or were screwed in from the side with two screws each side. Very few cars were factory fitted with radios in 1964, my MG 1100 wasn't, nor was my Ford Corsair, it was a great money spinner for the dealer and helped front wings to rust :D
Owner since the 70's, Genghis is slightly to my left.

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