Conquest preselector gearbox adjustment

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Conquest preselector gearbox adjustment

Post by migray » Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:31 pm

I am having problems when selecting reverse on my Conquest NDHC. After releasing the gear change pedal the gearbox shakes and makes snatching noises. The car will drive backwards but I have had problems getting enough traction to reverse up a slope.
I have tried to adjust the gearbox (having made sure the selector rods and joints are all okay).
The manual suggests turning the adjuster screw for the gear band clockwise by a half turn if the gear is slipping, and then turning the pull rod nut back one turn before repeatedly operating the gear change pedal until the nut stops turning. It suggests turning the adjuster screw anticlockwise if the take up is fierce.
I am not sure if I have slipping or fierce take up though.
I have tried adjusting the screw both ways but so far I cannot get smooth take up in reverse gear - if I hold the car on the brake and rev the engine it makes an awful noise and the gearbox case tries to turn.
Does anyone know if there is a procedure to set the initial position of the adjuster for the reverse gear band - I am not sure if it needs to be screwed in or out? Or can someone advise what the issue may be?
I can see the gears selecting without problem when I operate the gear change pedal with the engine not running. Unfortunately you have to keep the cover on top of the gearbox when the engine is going as oil is pumped out otherwise.

Advice appreciated.


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Re: Conquest preselector gearbox adjustment

Post by theoldman » Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:03 pm

I would hazard the linings on the reverse gear brake bands are worn out.......................
Normal for Norfolk

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