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Needles in the haystack

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Crossley Stephenson
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Needles in the haystack

Post by Crossley Stephenson » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:48 am

I'm restoring a DJ254 NDHC......

I need - the chrome nostrils on the bonnet (stop laughing, there may be some out there); the heater control face (maybe shared with other Daimlers) and the really really hard one is some seats - 2 front, one side facing rear (rocking horse....)
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Can you help?


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Re: Needles in the haystack

Post by migray » Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:42 pm


The heater control is the same as the Conquest Century II, though the markings are different. I believe it was also used on some of the other larger mid to late 50s Daimlers. I replaced the one on my DJ254 with one from a Conquest Century and produced a decal to replicate the lettering. The knobs are also specific to the DJ254 I think.

The other items are going to be harder to track down though the grills look possible to make from scratch. I believe I read somewhere that the seat frames are the same as the Conquest range but I couldn't be sure. The backs are tapered on the NDHC and the leather pleating is different in style. Hopefully someone who has been hoarding parts might be able to help.

Best wishes and good luck


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