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Daimler DB18 2.5L 3/4 restored needs assembling and finishing.

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Daimler DB18 2.5L 3/4 restored needs assembling and finishing.

Post by CharlesJackson » Tue Oct 16, 2018 2:06 pm

My Daimler was dismantled some time ago. Many parts have been restored to near new condition,there is a new wiring loom.Chassis is restored.I have two of many parts, engine, gear box, dif, etc.these come from a doner DB18.Many parts are labelled and I have or have access to manuals/ diagrams.

I am looking for someone/ company who specialises in Daimler restoration to finish the project.The car was first registered to my house in 1949, this is a 1939 modle DB18 2.5L .reg GFU 999

I live in Cleethorpes N E Lincolnshire DN35 0LF
I am happy to transport the car elsewhere or for the car to be restored I’m my double garage.
I am waning the car to be completed and on the road for June 2019.

If anyone could reccomend someone or a company that could undertake this work. I would be very greatful.
Charles Jackson 07970259344
charles.jackson9 @

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