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Empress colour code

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Wout V
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Joined: Sun Mar 31, 2019 6:24 pm
Location: Staphorst, Netherlands

Empress colour code

Post by Wout V »

My Empress is Dark Blue (almost Black) over Grey. Can anyone give me a clue what colour code might match these old (Original?) colours?

Db n j
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Re: Empress colour code

Post by Db n j »

Welcome to The Forum.

Which Empress do you have ? The first series was db18. ?

I am not sure if this helps much, as Hooper would do what the customer wanted.

If you need to paint, then getting a sample to mix new paint is possible.

Maybe you can post a picture. ?

Stan Thomas
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Re: Empress colour code

Post by Stan Thomas »

If you can remove a part of the bodywork - trot along to your local Jawel Paints store or any automotive paint stockist - and they will match the colour for you, either by blending, or finding the colour (or very near) from their hundreds of present-day car sample chips.

However, I would suggest you chose the latter, which will then provide a recognisable colour which you can re-order by code number any time in the future.

If you ask nicely, they might lend you the colour chip samples to check at home if you cannot take a part off the bodywork.

As the previous post said, specific colours were often the individual choice of the customer, so it is not that critical.

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Site Admin
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Re: Empress colour code

Post by John-B »

The old body paint will be dirty; should it be polished first or treated in some other way?

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Re: Empress colour code

Post by JT7196 »

Hi John, yes best to use a fine Cutting Compound to bring out the true colour.

Cheers Al 😊

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Re: Empress colour code

Post by Sydsmith »

Hi John.

Problem is finding a sample that has not faded in order to copy the original. That can usually be found round the inside of door frames or inside the boot.

However, be aware that over the years the colours will have changed and even if you match perfectly to that sort of area the new paint will not match the rest of the car. So only useful if you are going to paint the whole car perhaps.

I note you are in Holland, hope you can find a paint shop who will mix the colour for you. Syd

Wout V
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Joined: Sun Mar 31, 2019 6:24 pm
Location: Staphorst, Netherlands

Re: Empress colour code

Post by Wout V »

Thank you all for the suggestions My car is a 1952 Empress

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