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Fitting Borg Warner auto to my 54 Conquest

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Fitting Borg Warner auto to my 54 Conquest

Post by psweeney »

Seeking information/help - anyone know their Daimler Conquests really well? I could use some expert info, please.

I'm toying with taking out my Conquest (Queenie)'s now-troublesome pre-select gearbox to replace it with a Borg-Warner full automatic box (if I can source one). I use the car as a tour vehicle and it would be a huge improvement to have automatic.

I know Daimler built Conquests with a Borg Warner auto box from 1956, but does anyone know exactly which box they used? And whether it was a 'drop-in' job, or were mods required? Hopefully I may be able to source one if it's not a massive undertaking.

Any info much appreciated.

This is Queenie
This is Queenie

Christopher Storey
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Re: Fitting Borg Warner auto to my 54 Conquest

Post by Christopher Storey »

It was a Borg warner DG box . Whether it was a 150 model or a 250 I do not know. I certainly do not think it would be an easy drop in conversion because you will need the proper bell housing, and even perhaps more difficult will be the control linkages, both for the transmission selector and for the kickdown and governor, which if my Jaguar mark IX with DG box is anything to go by, are extremely complicated, requiring in all about 7 different rods to effect control

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Re: Fitting Borg Warner auto to my 54 Conquest

Post by bakergh »

Unfortunately the crankshaft is different for the automatic so it also would have to be replaced. It is the driving flange that is different. The automatic crankshaft flange is tapped to accept the bolts which attach the torque converter and the pre select flange has plain holes to accept a nut and bolt for the flywheel as well as a thrust button for the fluid flywheel.


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