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Daimler Double Six coolant

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Daimler Double Six coolant

Post by Hullkr88 »

I had a problem today with the coolant on my Daimler. She’s a 1996 Double Six.
Smoke was billowing out, when I lifted the bonnet I saw the top right pipe to the rad had come loose. Iv re attached and filled the level up. Seems to be working. Iv also had the coolant level sensors coming on since I bought her even though the level was full.

I’m going to flush the full system this week. I’m just looking for info on the best material for flushing, and re filling, with the best coolant for her. And the procedure for doing this.
Iv also ordered a new pipe and clips.

Thank you for your time

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Re: Daimler Double Six coolant

Post by Chris_R »

I don't know about flushing but the best coolant is a straight water / antifreeze mix at anything between 33% and 50% concentration of antifreeze.

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Re: Daimler Double Six coolant

Post by classiclife »

Holts do a very good rad flush either as a single stage process or you can buy their 2 stage kit.

Do not use tap water in your coolant system, it contains chemical properties that accelerates furring and limescale - you need only look at a kettle in some areas of the UK.

I buy distilled or deionised water from the usual big supermarkets - dirt cheap and this is the best stuff you can you use as it has none of the above chemical properties.

As for anti-freeze I use Granville Sub Zero Blue on my classics it is an excellent product and can be purchased on line via eBay etc. I presume your Daimler is old enough to still use that rather than the modern OAT pink stuff which you MUST NOT use. Mixture wise, I agree with Chris, 33 to 50 percent is ideal.

Your first port of call is to give the rad a very good flush through along with the engine and with this you need to ensure the engine coolant drain plug is open and allows water to escape. If it comes out slowly then the block has an element of silt contained therein - you will need to prod the hole until water starts flowing.

When flushing the rad, ensure you reverse flush it - not just fill from the top and let the water drain; fill the rad from the bottom so the water pushes up.

Doing the process properly will take an hour and you need to see clean water running from the engine block + rad. Once you have reached this stage then you have done all you can to ensure a better coolant flow.

When doing the flushing ensure your heater matrix is open and in the hot position as you want the flushing action to go through there as well and will certainly want the heater on hot and open when you refill as airlocks will occur and no hot air.

With that done refill the system slowly, once all secure, until water at top of rad. Do not put rad cap back on but fire up the car and allow air to escape via the rad neck uncapped. Eventually you will reach the stage when no more coolant can be taken and then pop cap back on.

As with these operations, it is the ideal time to check all hoses, rad cap and you may want to change the thermostat if it has been in there some time.

Hopefully the above will go a long way to help your issue.

I'd repeat the flush again next Spring using the same procedure.

One point to bear in mind is that if the rad is heavily encrusted with scale then a refurb rad may be the only answer along with flushing. Try the flushing first and see how you get on.

Good luck.

1968 Daimler V8-250 Saloon
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Re: Daimler Double Six coolant

Post by Hullkr88 »

Thanks for the replies
I topped up the coolant to get me home. The coolant light kept coming on and off. And the engine is red hot. Iv been advised the stats in the head may be faulty. Now looking at all options.

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Re: Daimler Double Six coolant

Post by Johnsson »

Try Liquid Intelligence 239 Cooling System Cleaning kit. Review it on the Liquid Intelligence website.


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