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Conquest Radiator Grille removal.

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Conquest Radiator Grille removal.

Post by SussexDaimler »


I’m planing to install a pusher fan on the Conquest, but the rad grille removal looks a bit daunting, and from the workshop manual, might involve removing the wings (!).
Tell me I’ve got this wrong and that it’s actually straightforward!

Best regards,

Jonathan Kelly

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Re: Conquest Radiator Grille removal.

Post by Sydsmith »

Not sure how wise that would be Jonathan.

The Conquest is not as far as I know prone to overheating. The electric fan on my SP is greedy on battery. In your position, if you are having overheating issues I would first give it a thorough cooling system flush out and if that does not work a radiator re-core, before fitting a fan. Syd

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Re: Conquest Radiator Grille removal.

Post by classiclife »

Hello Jonathan,

Good to hear from you.

Echoing Syd's point - what is the rationale for fitting an electric fan ??

Is there an overheating issue - if so what are the circumstances ??

If you want to add an electric fan to replace the factory fitted one, then yes I can see your point if your view is to save wasted HP. I am doing this on my V8-250 and disposing with the viscous unit, but this is a personal choice rather than a mechanical power necessity.

If your rad does require re-coring then you are in luck as Bryan & Son in Tunbridge Wells is still going strong for a few more years yet. His workmanship is second to none with costs still on Planet Earth !!

An important rule is that an electric fan is not fitted to overcome rad issues - the rad has to be functioning correctly before other options / assistance is considered.

All the best.

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Re: Conquest Radiator Grille removal.

Post by Pendle »


I agree with the previous responses. I have successfully acid cleaned the radiator on one of my Conquests and had a rad recored on another. All three run with no over-heating. If you do need to remove the grille, the radiator and grille together can be removed from the car, and then the grille removed from the radiator (leave wings in place).
Chris Young
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Re: Conquest Radiator Grille removal.

Post by Salmons »

I understand that Export cars were fitted with a 4 blade fan. So when my DJ254 was getting hot in Summer driving I got another 2 blade fan and fitted it on with the existing fan but at right angles. The bolts were long enough for this. I then had a 4 blade fan and a cooler engine.


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Re: Conquest Radiator Grille removal.

Post by Fossil »

If you do have a problem with engine temperature in summer another worthwhile action to consider while looking at the radiator and fan is to properly flush the engine block by removing the core plugs on the off-side of the block and rodding/flushing directly, especially if it hasn't been done before. My Century has a factory reconditioned engine fitted in the 1970s, but I removed a substantial amount of casting sand and rusty debris after buying it in the mid 90s. Engine temp rock steady since regardless of circumstances.

While on the topic of rad fans, a Majestic Major 6 blade fan will fit, if you can find one!



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