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Engine removal in Briggs LD10

Wise Man
Wise Man
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Re: Engine removal in Briggs LD10

Post by Brian-H »

triddell wrote: Tue Sep 14, 2021 9:30 am This thread has been very useful for me, so thanks Mike for asking, and for the responses. I need to replace the oil seal on my LD10 transmission, and had thought that you need to take the engine out to do it, which I dreaded. However it seems on reading the references in the answers above that since the gearbox can be taken out in the car, while leaving the engine in place, then I won't need to take the engine out to replace the flywheel oil seal. Is that right? I'm still not sure whether I could get at all the bell housing fixings.
Yes, when renewing the fluid flywheel oil seal, it isn't necessary to remove the engine.

On the Daimler DB18 Consort the gearbox has to come out under the car. In some of the threads in the Daimler forum section, some people managed to renew the seal with the bell housing and fluid flywheel still in place, but the Daimler workshop manuals suggest that the fluid flywheel is removed (which requires bell housing removal).

According to the LD10 gearbox removal instructions, the gearbox can come out inside the car , with the bell housing still attached (at least, that's the way I read it). If the LD10 is anything like the DB18's and Conquests, I'd remove the gearbox from the bell housing and then remove the bell housing separately. Not having seen the transmission in an LD10 I wouldn't know, but it makes more sense to me to firstly remove the gearbox from the bell housing, giving more room to access the bell housing - or maybe to renew the fluid flywheel seal in the same way that some people did on the Daimlers.

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Re: Engine removal in Briggs LD10

Post by Minxy »

I have just removed and replaced the engine/gearbox on my Barker bodied Ld10. I found it relatively strait forward, though I should stress that my early working years were with the Audi rally team so I do have some ‘car’ experience.

Yes take the front end off - this was easier than I thought it would be (I believe this is documented)
I then removed the seats, carpets and floor panels along with the tunnel covering. This allows access to the prop shaft, cables and links without crawling under the car...much. With the front off all the engine ancillary wires and pipes are easily accessible. I removed the engine and box together. You could remove the box by just pulling it back into the car and leaving it there I guess and then lift the engine. I used a jibbed engine crane. I purchased a used one locally did the job and then sold it again for £10 more than I paid for it :shock:
When the engine is removed the car needs to be quite high on the stands because the back of the gearbox has to dropped very low to allow the whole to be lifted at an angle. I ran a strap around the front of the engine i.e around the rear of the fuel pump one side and Dynamo the other (to stop it slipping forward)

Hope this is of some help. If you need anything clarifying please ask.


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Re: Engine removal in Briggs LD10

Post by mikemillen »

Many thanks for posting that, Martyn... that's very helpful.

There's a fair chance I'll have some questions for you if/when I have to follow in your footsteps.

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