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Lanchester LD10 NTO571

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Lanchester LD10 NTO571

Post by JohnBa »

Hi everyone
Just to introduce myself as well, some of you may know l now own a Lanchester LD 10 which l have
been working on over the summer period to get it back on the road which is now complete and ready for some trials to make sure everything is in working order . l have just insured it through Adrianflux in this months magazine at a very reasonable price .l look forward to meeting some of you at the car meets ,shows etc and will make an effort to come to the monthly meeting for the East Midlands owners club.
Kind regards to all
John 🤓

Marcel Renshaw
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Re: Lanchester LD10 NTO571

Post by Marcel Renshaw »

Well done getting the car sorted. I look forward to meeting you at the East Midlands branch meeting.

Adrian Hanwell
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Lanchester LD10 Insurance.

Post by Adrian Hanwell »

Dear All.
..... For insurance of any car, whose model introduction dates from 1950 or earlier, I recommend Vintage Car Insurance Associates of Godstone, Surrey. Their prices are more competitive than any other company that I have ever tried and they do not push the price up every year, so that you have to shop around every three years or so to get a better price. I have been insuring my Lanchester L.D.10.s with them since about 1980 and I have never found a better deal. My 1958 Dayton Albatross motorcycle is insured with Adrian Flux though.
..... I still have lots of L.D.10. parts, but half are still in Brentwood and the other half are in a garage about a mile away from me in Scarborough. It may take me some considerable amount of time to find anything that you need. Headlamps, Pass-lamps for Briggs cars, 8" fog-lamps for Barker cars, brand new tool-bags (to contain the tool roll, oil and grease guns and the jack etc), brake shoes, some brake linings and radiators are stashed in my attic, so those are easier for me to find. My contact details are in the Driving Member magazine "officials page". I an afraid that I very rarely use the forum, but I am always available via email.
Take care, stay safe and keep well.
Best Wishes from Adrian.
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Adrian Hanwell
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