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10 HP Parts

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10 HP Parts

Post by Geocet »

Hello. I'm a recent impulse purchaser of a 10 hp saloon. (Not quite an impulse purchaser, I've been looking for a Lanchester or BSA for some time but I bought this car optimistically, over optimistically, it turns out). I need a head gasket, I think. (too much oil in the sump and it is grey, just the one shade) I need a radiator cap. The thread on the top of the radiator is male BSP 2.25" (2,5" O D, 11 TPI) the cap currently fitted is BS Cycle, at a guess, much finer pitch, anyway. Very easy to cross thread, as you might imagine. I'm currently endeavouring to remanufacture a seat subframe for the driver's side (woodworm) and finding someone to restore the upholstery. A workshop manual would be useful, if anyone knows how I might come by one. And a head gasket.
Hope there are people out there with more knowledge and experience than I.

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Re: 10 HP Parts

Post by John-B »

Welcome - A BSA owner :o We haven't got many of them on this forum, but we do have a lot of Lanchester LA10 owners.

The Club registrar for LA10s is Alan (username JT7196) who actually owns a LA11. If there are engine similarities with the BSA 10, he would know.

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Re: 10 HP Parts

Post by grahamemmett »

The club’s BSA Registrar is Mark Cuthbert-Brown, contact details on the website or in the DM.
He has a 10 and also happens to have the club’s library of manuals so he’s your man.
No workshop manual was ever published but probably a Spare Parts Catalogue will help greatly.
Graham Emmett
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Joint DB18 Registrar (with Marcel Renshaw)
DB18 1949 LCV522 (Yes that one with the P100s)

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Extremely Wise Man
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Re: 10 HP Parts

Post by JT7196 »

Hi John, as far as I am aware , BSA ‘s tended to use Side Valve engines, although some BSA parts i.e. the Connecting Rods as fitted to my LA11 engine, are stamped up with BSA Logo .

Cheers Al 😀😀

Ps, Welcome George, , always good to hear from you BSA chaps, perhaps you may be able to encourage some more BSA owners to come onto this Forum 😃😃😃. Al 😃

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