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A New Rally & Exhibition in Midlands - 3rd & 4th June 2017.

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A New Rally & Exhibition in Midlands - 3rd & 4th June 2017.

Post by JT7196 »

Hi, Chris Clark has asked me
to post this message on all relevant forums, so it will also be found on our "Event" page as well.

A new Rally & Exhibition in Midlands
- 3rd & 4th June 2017.

A special invitation is given for all Lanchester, Daimler and BSA cars to attend a unique event in Coventry, on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th June . The location for this new event is directly outside the award-winning Lanchester Library in Gosford Street (postcode CV1 5DD). Cars of all ages will be welcomed and hopefully many will be in the throes of restoration. As an expression of thanks, every driver of booked-in Lanchester, Daimler and BSA cars will be given a packed lunch, free of charge, to keep them going throughout the busy day.

Entertainment will be enjoyed over the weekend and there’s always the nearby, famous Coventry Motofest to keep you amused and interested. While demonstrations, presentations and attractions will be seen on the nearby, elevated ring road, hundreds of veteran, vintage and classic cars will be packed into the City streets below. If that still isn’t enough, the acclaimed Coventry Transport Museum and the inspiring Cathedral are also free-of-charge, helping the 3rd and 4th June to become a great, all-round event. An unmissable highlight will be Coventry University’s newly-opened Lanchester Interactive Archive. Presented on the second floor of the Lanchester Library, it is the result of many years’ negotiation and hard work, and has been kindly sponsored by the Heritage Lotteries Fund.

A 1933 Lanchester car exhibit is prominently displayed at the front of the large exhibition room and is unmissable through the large glass screens, especially when the head lights are actuated by the ‘driver’. This car is proving very popular, with many visitors never previously having sat behind the steering wheel of a pre-war car. When they get into the spirit of vintage motoring they pose for photographs, lean out to see full wheel-lock, or admire the orange semaphore-trafficators. What a good thing it will be if this excitement encourages more people to enjoy vintage motoring.
The car perfectly supports the many cutting-edge, computer-driven programmes on offer. The ‘serious games’ are there for visitors to learn about Lanchester when, for example, ‘driving’ either a Lanchester racing car, or a veteran, the King’s limousine, a 10hp or even a Lanchester armoured car, over obstacles to gain success; this endeavour can be enhanced by adopting different variations of design to help you. Maybe you would instead prefer to pilot an 1890s Lanchester aircraft round his workshop, while learning about his aeronautical inventions?

The fun continues as images seem to come right out of the computer screens from nowhere to portray Lanchester designs, while Lanchester’s actual medals, books, blueprints and sketchbooks are on display.
Enjoy all this free of charge, while your Lanchesters, Daimler and BSA cars will have the best parking spots in Coventry, just a stone’s throw from the rest of the action. Drivers should book in for one or both days via the ‘LIA Coventry Rally’ page at the www.Lanchesters.com website, or phone Chris Clark on 01531 890 204. See you there.

Best wishes, A'l :D :D

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Re: A New Rally & Exhibition in Midlands - 3rd & 4th June 2017.

Post by John-B »

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