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Lanchester 18 track rod ends

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Lanchester 18 track rod ends

Post by ranald »

lanchester track rod end.JPG
Hello, My Lanchester 15/18 has been adapted at some time with a non Lanchester steering cross rod and track rod ends. Land Rover I think. Of course, I don't know why it was done but likely due to shortage of Lanchester spares.

Anyway, I've acquired a correct Lanchester 18 steering cross rod and a single track rod end (left hand thread), so I thought i'd have a go at finding either a pair of track rod ends or a right hand threaded one. The one/s i'm looking for were used on the Lanchester 18 (not 15/18 or E18). The singleton I have is marked '6755 BSA' although the 3rd number isn't so clear, it might not be 5, it could be 3. It is also marked 261463 which is the Lanchester 18 part number (TC72 and TC82) for the left hand side. The right hand side is 261462

The ball pin is 64.5mm long. The widest part of the taper is 17.7mm narrowing to 16.5mm. The thread length on the ball pin is 17.4mm, 9/16" diameter and 18tpi.

On the steering cross rod the threaded width is 7/8". 18TPI. Sorry I'm not able to identify the thread. The approx length of the track rod is 4.5"

I've tried my best with all these measurements but please allow a margin for my error!

Any thought on where I might look? I was at the Stoneleigh Restoration Show on Sunday and I met John Walker (Nottingham) who is looking into this for me. I have sent an enquiry to David Beales but otherwise i'm stuck. Derek Sleigh has never had 15/18 and 18 stuff. Thanks for reading this, Ranald

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