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Hooper Daimlers & other pre-Jaguar post-war Daimlers sub-forum.
Cars in motoring holidays, racing, at functions like marriages, in museums, etc. Photos not applicable to technical, sale or event forums.
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Post by AntonyB »

Not a very pretty sight, but spotted amongst the sad wrecks/stored classics in this Youtube video at about 11.17 minutes in, a Daimler registration (?)OT 824 that has no doubt been off the road for a number of years, few other marques of interest and some rare-ish cars squashed into decaying sheds, barns and undergrowth. Not sure if the 'finders' are there with permission but a few modern vehicles around and some current farm supplies,. the date of release on Youtube is given as 25 December 2021.


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Post by HenryC »

Looks like a Conquest Drophead Coupe, DJ252, to me.
Cheers, Henry Curwen
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Conquest (Drop Head) Coupe DJ252
MGB 8-)

Wise Man
Wise Man
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Post by Brian-H »

Presumably those cars were all purchased when each model had reached rock bottom value, and someone had the notion that they could sell off parts to make a profit. But it seems to have got out of hand and with the wind and rain getting in to every one of those barns, it turned into a crazy farce. If the person who started that "collection" is still alive, I bet they think they're sitting on a gold mine, whereas getting all those cars out would cost more than they'd sell for. What a shame.

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