Daimler Super Six LWB

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Daimler Super Six LWB

Post by John-B » Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:30 pm

Email received from Karl:
Dear Sir/ Madam,

I spoke to Cath some months ago but now have heard their voicemail message...

I am selling my vgc dark blue Daimler Super Six LWB. Purported to be ex Saudi Arabian family ownership from new, it is all sound and in vgc and I have renewed all suspension and diff and renewed aircon components and other components. It toured Europe last year without missing a beat. The engine bay is spotless and the stereo works and the clock etc. has been reconditioned, carpets and coloured overcast are like new. The bonnet has a few lacquer spots, the windscreen a few chips and the headlining has loosened towards the back (but I am seeking to sort that asap) and the front above head area is fine.

Before selling 'publicly' I thought I'd ask if you knew anyone who was looking for a vehicle like this and I would be happy to send photos, have a telecon, or have any viewings or examinations by 'experts' etc. for any interested club members...

Kind regards,


10m Nth of Lincoln

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